Business/share valuations are not straight forward, not least because there are at least five valuation methods to choose from, one or two of which will be appropriate for your type of business.

Langley provides you with an “independent” valuation service where we can provide either a business valuation letter or full business valuation report.

Your business valuation will be prepared in complete confidence by a fully qualified, independent Valuer. The valuation can be used for many purposes such as substantiating the value of your shares, the asking price for selling a business, the offer price for purchasing a business, business planning, exit strategy or exit planning, probate, matrimonial etc etc. (NB The full valuation report can be FPR compliant if being used for Court purposes).

To enquire about a valuation, simply complete the form below and we will outline how your valuation letter or full report can be provided.

You will also receive a sample valuation report, and sample valuation letter, so no risk before you decide to go ahead……

Valuing a business