When selling a business it is important to provide a service that is bespoke to client’s requirements, presenting the business in a professional manner to a wide range of potential acquirers. In particular, all the unique features of the business need to be identified, which all help to drive up exit value where potential buyers are concerned.

With access to trade resources including companies worldwide through commercial data subscriptions, a major part of the strategy to sell your business, will be to sort through several hundred possible targets (500+) in order to achieve up to 50 potential acquirers, which will then lead to a short-list of serious buyers. This is when a competitive bidding environment can be created, which is essential to maximise value, as even out of 6 potential buyers, experience shows that some offers will be double that of others.

By using Langley to help find a suitable buyer for your business, you will be using a team with more than a century of industry experience, who have delivered exceptional results from a network of trade and private buyers, investors and links with other trusted brokers or consultancies.

Depending upon your circumstances, we offer a free and confidential appraisal meeting or discussion. Simply complete the form below and we will send you our Free Guide to Selling a Business:-

Selling a business