Ideally, in order to sell a business successfully, the sale needs to be planned in advance to make sure that the business is “Exit ready”. This means that everything possible is done to present the business in a positive light in order to ensure that the business is not only saleable but is in a position to maximise shareholder value, before placing the business on the open market. Langley offers a confidential “hands-on” service to ensure that the business owner or Board of Directors can follow through a clear strategy and action plans in order to achieve a more profitable, valuable and saleable business for when the time comes to sell.

As a business owner, we appreciate that you may not have been through the selling process beforehand and therefore, we will help make sure that items which might make businesses unattractive to buyers, (or those that lead to lower offers), are prioritised and dealt with. We will also help identify and help develop all the USP’s which will add value.

Our “Prepare To Sell Scheme” has a proven and broad experience of diverse SME businesses running across Manufacturing, IT/Telecoms, Social Media, Retail and Services, UK wide.

Working flexibly on a day rate only this preparation service is very affordable and can make a huge difference to the sale value of the business, whilst making an acceptable deal to both the buyer and seller, much more likely.

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Developing a business