Improve your business credit score 

Credit Reference Agencies can hold immense power over company finances.

Credit scores and payment limits are used to assess trade credit, contract awards and lending requests.

All Credit Reference Agencies use historic Companies House data and process this through an algorithm that is far from perfect.

Our specialist partner offers a review, repair and monitoring service that covers all 5 of the UK’s main trade credit rating agencies. The aim is to improve the credit ratings of companies whose current ratings are not reflective of their present factual condition.

This service exists to bridge the gap between good companies and poor credit ratings. Using a pre-agreed and proven format our partner shares your financial and narrative data under exclusive arrangements with rating agencies. This gets channelled directly to the credit underwriters who have the power to change scores.

This specialist advisor has a 100% success rate in improving ratings, limits and credit terms for their clients and offers a no-win, no-fee guarantee. The initial analysis is free and they will only ask you to engage if there is a good chance of improving your credit limit. Last year over £120m in trade credit was raised for clients.

Results can be delivered in 5 -10 days and fees very are modest in relation to the amount of trade credit that can be unlocked.

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