Innovative Pilates & Yoga Platform seeks SEIS funding – (Ref. RSS/CA)

A rapidly growing Pilates and Yoga platform which uniquely combines traditional teaching (groups and private classes) with digital teaching (online and in-app video).

Delivering ‘teachers to your door’ (at a convenient time and place) & ‘personalised homework videos’ (of your teacher) to your device; revenue is generated from a commission charged on class fees and a percentage of digital content sales, which is shared with the teacher.

 Significant success so far:

  • £40k seed investment
  • Development and testing of web based prototype (MVP)
  • 25 teachers zones 1-2, London
  • Key high-level industry support: Pilates Foundation, Body Control, Alan Herdman, British Wheel of Yoga.
  • Key official partnerships: Quintessentially, Ohmme, Asquith, NHS Whittington, Bubble, Beautii, Sweaty Betty
  • Key corporate Customers: Estee Lauder, Clinique, Farfetch
  • Proven brand identity
  • Fast growing social media following: 4.5K followers instagram

This start-up business is seeking £75k SEIS funding. For further information, please complete the form below:-

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