EIS Investment Opportunity for Luxury Performance Garments – (Ref. RSS/CA)

An internationally acclaimed British Supermodel, former face of the Gossard Wonderbra has designed and manufactured a unique range of lingerie and performance wear aimed at the Athleisure market – one of the hottest and fastest growing fashion trends estimated to be worth approx. £6 billion in 2016.

A pioneer in luxury performance intimates. This new style of garments deliver a beautiful look and feel whilst being ideal for active wear. Critically, apart from their stylish yet practical design, they also incorporate unique anti-ageing, hyaluronic fabrics which can moisturise the skin whilst being worn.

In addition, the company has designed the warrior collection – a set of luxury performance wear which supplement the intimates collection. These high quality garments have been exclusively manufactured in London – a major selling point in overseas markets.


The company is seeking to raise £2m to launch its luxury performance intimates range. The investment round is EIS qualifying.

The founders have provided approx. £700,000 of investment capital to date. This has covered the costs for the design of the new product ranges and the development of the initial sales and marketing strategy.

Much of the stock for the initial launch has already been manufactured and is presently being held in storage.

The company is offering one-third of the enlarged equity in return for £2m.


A company  been formed to address one of the fastest growing markets in the fashion world.

The founders believe there are a number of factors making this an attractive investment opportunity. The product range includes the anti-ageing and moisturising properties of its patent protected gold fabric. There is are growth opportunities for the anti-ageing fabric via foreign markets and through the development of other product performance intimates range are forecast to be a major selling point to its targeted demographic of consumer.

The Technology

Working with leading fabric companies across Europe, including Euro Jersey in Italy and Nylstar in Spain, to create its new ranges, the company has used fabrics that incorporate a revolutionary technology in the yarns and include 24 carat gold thread to enhance hyaluronic acid.

This helps to rejuvenate the skin naturally. It also helps delay ageing of the skin whilst moisturising and increasing anti-oxidant production.

The fabric helps to raise the natural production of Collagen which can be of benefit in reducing cellulite and stretch marks.

In conjunction with its suppliers, the venture has demonstrated that the fabric will maintain moisturise levels during a workout.


The venture has negotiated a five-year exclusive deal with Nylstar and the fabrics are an integral part of the luxury performance intimatescollection.

Claims relating to the anti-ageing and revitalising properties of the Meryl gold fabric have been laboratory tested and approved in the EU and USA.

In future, the business plans to introduce more lines using leading technology from Euro Jersey, including Sculpt – a performance contouring fabric.

Market Positioning

In this highly health and appearance conscious age, the properties of the fabrics used in the Company’s luxury performance intimates range are forecast to be a major selling point to its targeted demographic of consumer.

The founders vision was to produce intimate apparel that would fulfil a woman’s need for beautiful, silhouette enhancing daywear lingerie whilst being designed to work with their body when active. But, in addition to being aesthetically beautifully designed, she wanted the garments to be functional. Hence, the garments are able to deliver the perfect balance: being comfortable to wear during a work-out, stylishly crafted and yet able to transition ready for a spectacular night out.

Marketing and Sales

The core range will be sold through selected key accounts, high-end department stores and hi-profile e-commerce sites. All of these will be associated with existing luxury brands.

The companies own website will be the central e-commerce retailer.  The Company’s first objective will be to establish the new brand and begin market penetration across the UK, USA and Canada.

The founder will provide huge support to the brand – having been the face of Gossard Wonderbra and enjoying the benefits of a top fashion modelling career at Chanel, Valentino, Vivienne Westwood and many other exclusive, high-end fashion houses.

In addition to her profile, she holds an almost unique position: she has close personal relationships with most fashion buyers and knows all the owners of the major fashion sites in the UK, USA and Canada.

The founder also has excellent relations with the fashion press, other top models, bloggers and influencers – all of which will strengthen digital marketing.

Management Team

A world-class management team has been assembled to support the launch of the company. They have worked alongside the founder to develop the marketing and sales plans and have played key roles in designing and sourcing the garments.

Financial Forecasts

Gross sales are forecast to grow from £1.6m in the first trading year to £7.8m by the third. The company forecasts a small loss in the first year, whilst staff and marketing costs ramp-up. By the third year, profit after tax should be close to 25% and growing.

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