Competitive Unsecured Finance available to well established businesses – (Ref. RSS/JT)

We are pleased that we have been able to help SME businesses benefit from the Government’s Home Office Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Scheme, where limited unsecured finance is available for well established businesses.

This is a Government backed initiative which can provide finance in multiples of £200k at 3% with a 5 year financial holiday.

A “skills backed investment” scheme which allows the investor to work within the UK for the chosen businesses for 3 to 5 year, on a nominal salary which is provided by the company receiving the unsecured, interest only loan.

The loan is then paid back in full, after 5 years.

Each loan is subject to approval by the Home Office dependent upon a Business Plan, which is prepared on behalf of the investor.

Businesses must be well established, ideally within a growth phase. Loans can be utilised for most purposes, except for private property purchase or property development.

No up-front admin fees; just a one-off charge if successful.

We have investors interested in most sectors, including: manufacturing, marketing, training & education, interior design, health care, finance, environmental, animal care, telecoms etc.

The Home Office have been running this initiative for over 10 years in the UK.

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